Pablo Carrión Delgado

Multidisciplinary Artist. Granada - Edimburgh


Time and River


When creating this portrait, I was looking for a representation of humanity and its connection with nature. I combined logical and less conscious methods for modelling the clay. Modelling in an improvised manner over the finished portrait, the lines and volumes suggested by the face resulted in a patron that flowed independently of the initial sculpture.
During the production phase of an artwork, especially when modelling, getting into the meditative zone empowers the therapeutic part of creating. To empathise working on this piece and connect two opposites mental states. A representation of nature how humans belong to it.
The result of the exercise is a texture, like furrows of the passing of time, invites the viewer to explore the piece through its labyrinthine lines and search for the nature associated with a human face.


31 x 25 x 18 cm.


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