Pablo Carrión Delgado

Multidisciplinary Artist. Granada - Edimburgh



Created with GIMP

Pit fired ceramic. 2020.

The importance of the processes, materials and techniques are very connected to the concept of my work. For this series of sixteen ceramic masks or faces, I have been seeking to represent how every single human is the same and different at the same time. These differences are determined by the circumstances of each individual’s life which, somehow, at the same time sheds light upon the many commonalities we can’t deny and the connection we all share.
Each of these pieces has its own individual story and uniqueness despite them all starting from a mould used as a template, the way the clay has been applied, extracted and altered to leave it to dry before firing, adds uniqueness with each step of the process that becomes less and less controllable. This reflects our own nature, the decay of our society and my belief in the importance of acknowledging this in order to move forward and achieve positive change. Because we are nothing else but part of the same thing: nature.

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