Pablo Carrión Delgado

Multidisciplinary Artist. Granada - Edimburgh

Pablo Carrión Delgado

Mes: enero 2022

Time and River

When creating this portrait, I was looking for a representation of humanity and its connection with nature. I combined logical and less conscious methods for modelling the clay. Modelling in an improvised manner over the finished portrait, the lines and volumes suggested by the face resulted in a patron that flowed independently of the initial


Classical portrait of Ayla. Solid sterling silver pendant. 30 x 12 x 15 mm 8.8 gr approx. Certificates of Authenticity provided.


Medal tribute to the austrian painter Egon Schiele.Solid sterling silver pendant. 20 mm diameter 4gr approx.£40Free delivery to the UK.


    What is the greatest experience you can have? It is the hour of the great contempt. The hour when your happiness, too, arouses your disgust, and even your reason and your virtue.     The hour when you say, ‘What matters my happiness? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment. But my happiness ought to justify existence