Time and river

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To create a portrait is always a challenge but in a society where we publicly share images of ourselves, it seems a portrait shows particular emphasis to the likeness of the model, forgetting the character behind the face. This was my experience when I started modelling this portrait, I didn't know anything about the person and I felt some essential information was missing. Looking for a way of refreshing a more classic style of modelling to answer a contemporary society, we find a link; the idea of representing humanity. The challenge for me is to do so and try to go a step further, looking to break with the alienation of humans from their surroundings, a reminder that we all have much more in common than a face, which can be represented with two dots and a line, an ultimate abstraction that can even tell us about our emotions. With this piece I was trying to represent the idea that we are all universal and have a commonality. But, how, if possible, can a portrait show the link between humans and everything else? How to break with this alienation by remembering we all are part of the same thing? Is it possible to create a universal representation of the "human soul"? These questions have grown deeply in my artwork which I try to answer to change my reality.

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