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Revelation 6:4
Another came out, a red horse. To him who sat on it was given power to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.
This triangular composition becomes a scale and a pyramid; the wealthier and heavier-the smaller and higher in the pyramid, more power and control over a bigger social stratum below. The poorest is represented for the larger part of this pyramid, configuring the base which holds the pyramid for the majority of humanity. The composition of two figures is represented for an obese and amorphous human figure on top of a very skinny and starving horse, representing the inequality humanity suffers due to the economic-social disbalance.They both, horse and rider are faceless, with a skull instead, representing death as an inevitable end that will reach everyone independently of their position on the pyramid. The rider represents wealth and opulence holding with the right hand a red can of petrol and a blue bottle of water with the left, both hands are lefts, alluding to the say of someone having two left hands, to express the lamely and lousy way of influencing the majority configured for the lower but bigger social stratum. The red colour is used to symbolise blood, the pass of the time, all the negative of a world system rolled by one having more than others, an economic system based on the petrol. The blue water of bottle is used as a positive and vital good as drinkable water is, but at the same time tells how something so important becomes a commercial good, wrapped in plastic that poison at the same time the water we all need to survive, making real and imposed needs be part of the same source of power and control, making the top of the pyramid heavier, smaller and higher.     Video:

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